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Welcome to the Reiki Center for Healing Arts. Reiki is not only a method of healing but also a way of life. We invite you to attend our domestic and international classes and workshops to learn more. This is but the first step on a never-ending path.

Japanese Leiki
Picture of Rev. Fran Brown
Reverend Fran Brown
Takata's 7th Master
March 10, 1924 - April 12, 2009

A Brief History of Reiki

Reiki is the word Usui used to describe the gift of healing energy and the method to pass it on to others that he received in April, 1921. At the end of his retreat on Mt. Kurama, he had a vision and felt a huge force of energy filling his head. When he placed his hands upon himself, he could feel this Reiki energy coursing through his hands into his body. It made him feel better. He used it on his family and found that it cured many ailments. Then he offered it to the public.

Reiki is the Japanese word meaning Life Force Energy or Energy of Life. It is the energy of the Creator Itself, i.e. Unconditional Love. This is the force or chi that courses through all living things on this planet. The Usui System is a manner of allowing this Energy to flow through the practitioner's body, out the hands and into the client, energizing the major glands and organs. With everything working well, the body heals itself. The healing energy passes through and energizes the practitioner as it goes to the client. The practitioner takes nothing from the client, nor is his/her energy depleted.

Picture of Kurama Shrine
Photo by Rev. Fran Brown
Copyright © 2001

It is still the practice of people who wish to make a change in their lives to climb Mt. Kurama and sit under the trees near a shrine to fast and pray for three weeks.

The Degrees of Reiki

The First Degree

The First Degree teaches how to use the placements of hands on your own or another person's body to bring healing energy to the major organs and glands and to find the cause of the problem. Then that person can heal him/herself. There are four initiations to establish the flow of this energy through a practitioner.

The Second Degree

The Second Degree of Reiki increases the flow of energy. It also provides the practitioner with the ability to help another person to make changes in habit or attitude that the person wishes to make. There is also the ability to do all these things at a distance. There are three symbols we can use to facilitate this.

The Third Degree

The Third Degree of Reiki is the teaching level. A teacher is called a Reiki Master. I have been teaching for thirty years and there is still more to learn. Perhaps in my lifetime I will become a real Master in the Asian sense.

Our Reiki Lineage

Picture of Dr. Mikao Usui

Dr. Mikao Usui

He was a good student and as an adult he traveled to several Western countries and to China to study. He was a warm, simple and humble person. He liked to read and acquired a vast knowledge of medicine, psychology, fortune telling, and theology of religions of the world. At one point he had bad luck. He decided to make a retreat to Mt. Kurama. After his fasting and prayer, he felt a great energy in his head and in his hands. He used it on himself and then on his family. When he found that it cured various ailments, he called it Reiki and offered it to the public in 1921, formed the Usui Shiki Ryoho Gekai and taught Reiki workshops. His deep concern for his people led him to offer his Reiki to survivors of the great earthquake in 1923. He became known throughout Japan and people came from great distances to learn and receive healing from him. He built a larger clinic in Nakano. He taught Reiki to 2,000 people before he died of a stroke on March 9, 1926.

He Taught These Precepts

The Secret of inviting Happiness

The Miraculous Medicine of All Diseases

Just For Today

Do Not Anger

Do Not Worry

Be Filled with Gratitude

Do Your Work Honestly

Be Kind to People

Picture of Chujiro Hayashi

Chujiro Hayashi

Hayashi graduated from the Imperial Marine Academy in 1915 and was the doctor on a training ship which visited many countries. He became one of Dr. Mikao Usui's Reiki Masters in 1925. He developed a simpler method of teaching Reiki and opened his own clinic in Tokyo. It was there that Takata found Reiki.

Picture of Hawayo Takata
1900 - 1980

Hawayo Takata

Takata was an innovator who introduced a wonderfully simple form of energy healing to the rest of the world after she was healed by the practice of it in Japan. She was honest in her endeavors and worked hard to provide for her family. She was not educated to be a teacher and so she had to draw on her own resources to convey her knowledge of the use of this simple healing form. Reiki was taught by story telling to demonstrate a point with the truth to be found in the essence of each story. When Takata was ready to teach Reiki to the people in Hawaii, she used the life of Dr. Mikao Usui to demonstrate the points she wished to make. Many people were not familiar with Asian philosophy, and were convinced that theirs was the only true belief. So she made her stories fit their beliefs, in order to be able to teach this wonderful healing art to them. The details might differ in each case in order to reach the listeners who came from various backgrounds. She had no clinic for students to practice Reiki and she wanted them to value Reiki enough to use it regularly. I believe the prices she paid to learn Reiki to be true as I have met someone who paid 50 yen to learn First Degree Reiki at the time that school teachers earned 5 yen.

Takata's 22 Masters

Masters still teaching the Usui System as taught by Takata

Paul Mitchell, Rick Bockner

Masters no longer teaching the Usui System as taught by Takata

Barbara Weber

Masters no longer teaching

Patricia Bowling Ewing

Masters who have made their Transition

George Araki, Dorothy Baba, Ursula Baylow, Barbara Brown, Rev. Fran Brown, Phyllis Furumoto, Beth Gray, John Gray, Harry Kuboi, Iris Ishikura, Ethel Lombardi, Barbara McCullough, Mary McFadyen, Bethal Phaigh, Shinobu Saito, Virginia Samdahl, Wanja Twan, Kay Yamashita

Picture of Rev. Fran Brown

Rev. Fran Brown's Biography

The winter of 1973 Takata was invited to the San Francisco Bay Area to teach a class in Reiki. I was in that class. She taught Reiki to many people here. In 1977 I took Second Degree Reiki and in the first week of January, 1979 I took my master's training with her as her seventh master and began teaching Reiki anywhere people wanted to learn Reiki as taught by Hayashi and Takata. These thirty years of teaching have taken me to many parts of the world. In 1997 I was asked to come to Japan and teach Hayashi's system and in 1999 it was my privilege to meet with members of the group founded by Usui as well as students and masters taught by Hayashi. We compared teachings and initiations and were delighted to find them to be similar. Hayashi organized the hand placements taught by Usui so that it was easier to teach Reiki. Takata said, that she never changed any of the teachings and asked her not to change them either, nor have I.

Rev. Fran Brown Made Masters

  • Victoria Suzanne Crane
  • Earlene Gleisner, RN
  • Carl Brown *
  • Dorris Denby
  • Kristine Wilson
  • Noella Marie Dubois
  • Patrick Dumont
  • Howard MacFarland *
  • Dominique Billoud
  • Nancy Sampson, RN *
  • Jean Paul Picquier
  • Daniele Chamroeun, RN
  • Cathy Kronenberger
  • Jessica Hanford, MD, MPH
  • Barbara Maxwell
  • Rev. Horace Greeley
  • Sheryl Hodgins
  • Carole Queffelec
  • Michael Santos
  • Reni Han
  • Ravi Singh

  • Candidates
  • Eloise Jonas *
  • * Denotes Deceased

Masters By Intensive Training

  • Rodger Papineau
  • Vanessa Chan
  • Barbara Poshinger
  • Mary Goslen *
  • DeLora Purinton
  • Elizabeth McKeon
  • Dr. Patrick Tersigni, VD *
  • Adi Stoff, PhD
  • May Jahier
  • Kenichi Takahashi
  • Atsuko Izumi
  • Akira Izumi
  • Philomena Baker Myerowitz
  • Luc Noyen
  • Eliane Fraiponts

Reiki Class Information

Reiki has been taught in the oral tradition in Japan where Takata learned it. She continued the tradition by making up stories acceptable to her students to illustrate the points she wished to make. The points were the same but the stories varied in order to be meaningful to her students who came from many parts of the world. The cost of this training is the same as it was to Takata in 1936-38. She asked us not to increase it though the value of the dollar would change. The group formed by Usui's students in Japan now demand commitment which includes paid attendance to their regular meetings and practice before continuing to another level of Reiki. By the time one reaches the two levels in a number of years, the cost is about the same as Takata paid. I give a handbook at the end of each class.

The late great Rev. Fran Brown has left you in good hands. Classes are available in the San Francisco Bay area as well as other areas of the United States, Canada, France, and Italy.

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Picture of Rev. Fran Brown

Books by Rev. Fran Brown

Living Reiki

Takata's Teachings

Her meeting with Hawayo Takata gave Rev. Fran Brown the determination to introduce her new friend and her teachings of the "household art" of Reiki to everyone she met. That was the start of something big...

In this warm tribute to her teacher, Rev. Fran Brown paints a colorful picture glowing with practical and heart-warming stories of a life dedicated to sharing the wisdom of "energy medicine" -- Reiki. In Living Reiki you will find Takata's teachings as told by one who knew her well.

A must for anyone seriously interested in a deeper understanding of Reiki, and a wonderful opportunity to discover, between the lines, a great lady who was known, loved and respected by those who were lucky enough to be her students and friends.

Click here to purchuse book